Fastcert V0 3.rar


Jun 22, 2022
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Fastcert V0 3.rar

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Fastcert V0 3.rar

Package – Fastcert V0 3.rar. SHA1 – 47dbf249c5c26cef93e78f8a7f61d082e4d07b06. Description: […] The story of Fastcert […] The story of Fastcert.
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Fastcert V0

we dedicated a post to this file and it got a fair bit of traffic. What was interesting to me was that the file was a composite of a variety of data sources. So we asked the primary creator if we could use his file and he agreed. The file we compiled was the source, and when we reviewed the Y combinator post we had several suggestions that we incorporated into our version.

I reviewed the video of the creator on their other post You can see he “stretches” the data a bit, giving it a “cleaner” look. We’ve tried to get all of the stretching out of it.

The next thing to do was to remove the title bar so we could resize the window if you so desired.

Then we looked into the top DSR values and how they differed from the previous version.

I had a feeling it would be better to use a different encoding type since the DSR values weren’t as high as some of the other versions which made it appear rar-less. So we switched it to CP437.

If you’re going to shrink it down like that to make it less readable I might suggest putting it on a different background.

After that we took some of the suggestions from the YC post and made them our own.

The last thing we did was go into the zip file, right click and chose extract all, and extract each of the sub directories in the zip file. We exported it to a.rar file and renamed the file to run under the name Fastcert-V0-3.rar.